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Yukon HLS 2000 Leg Press Review

Best Leg Press for Home GymsThis is a leg press you’ll see most often in gyms. It’s size makes it almost impossible to add to your home gym. As well, most homes gyms already come with a seated leg press, attached to the weight stack.

For the trainer that values a hard workout, and if there is room to install, I suggest the Yukon HLS 2000 leg press, hack squat. It’s about 48″ wide, 79″ deep and 68″ high. It weighs 465 lbs. This is a very heavy and strong leg press. With 3 plate bars, you can add over 15 lbs of weight to the press. Because the bars are directly underneath the press, it saves on installation space. You don’t have 2 side posts sticking out. The wide foot plate is adjustable, depending on the height of the user. It also doubles as a hack squat, with the foot plate being removable.

The sled is run with 4 large sealed bearing rollers, making the movement very smooth. There is no jerking motion. The back pad offers support for the head as well. The hack squat has 2 built in shoulder pads that do not need to be removed to work the leg press. You can also perform seated Donkey calf raises. The spotter arm has 4 positions to set the sled on for safety purposes.

This leg press can be sold as light commercial. I’ve sold it to a few schools. It can take abuse and is very smooth and safe.

For a great leg workout, I suggest getting the hamstrings worked on first with a few sets with the hyper extension machine, setting it so the stress is on the hamstrings. Then on to the leg presses. Start of with about 20 reps with just a couple of plates on the bars just to get blood and oxygen into the muscles. Increase the weight, every set, and take longer breaks between sets as you go heavier. Put your hands on your knees to make sure your legs don’t move side to side. Also make sure the knees and toes are pointed in the same direction. Do not point the toes out. Make sure the pressure is on the balls and heels of your feet. If you’re building for muscle size increase, you may go down to sets of 3 or 4 reps. Make sure you have a spotter for safety. If you play a sport like hockey, go much lighter with sets of 12 to 15 reps. You want to increase the size of your capillaries to bring in more oxygen. This will increase your endurance and prevent lactic acid buildup in the muscle.

Call us today at (877) 734-4567 for more help on buying the best home exercise equipment!

Eurosport Functional Trainer Review

Functional trainers are getting more popular as multi workout gyms for home and gyms alike. This one has adjustable pulleys and comes with 2 stacks of 200 lbs each. most others in that price range come with stacks of 150 lbs.

The Eurosport IFFT is 83.5″ high, making it fit easy in most houses. Shrouds cover the weight stack for safety purposes. There is a chin up attachment on the front top bar. Attachments like rope and handles come with this gym. You can add a bench to allow more functions and exercises. Pulleys allow more liberal movement as opposed to working out with straight bars. Since they are adjustable, a lot of exercises can be performed when the pulley is at the bottom, like low rows, curls, low pull backs, etc. This is a great exerciser for women and athletes, not wanting to lift a lot, but still get the muscles working. Most commercial gyms have them. Eurosport has a model called IT 9030 for use in commercial gyms.

Call us today at (877) 734-4567 for more help on buying the best home exercise equipment!

Guide to Buying a Table Tennis Table

  1. Chose whether you want an indoor or outdoor table. If you get an outdoor table, you can bring it indoors in the winter to play. Outdoor tables are generally a little more expensive.
  2. The budget for the table should depend on usage. If you’re a couple with no children, playing a couple of times a week, a table between 600.00 to 700.00 should be  good enough. Example: Tiger Cali Ping Pong Table, or Kettler Stockholm Table Tennis Table.
  3. If there will be children or teenagers playing, they can be very playful at times and lean or sit on the table. I suggest tables with stronger under carriages to support the extra activity! The Tiger Expo table is a great example of this. If you look at the back between the legs of the table, you’ll see a double bar that suppresses the lateral movement caused by leaning on the sides. The table will last longer without needing repairs.
  4. If you’re purchasing a table for competitive use, I suggest the Tiger Whistler Table, or the Kettler Champ 5.0 indoor table.  Both are very heavy with thick tops and great under carriage structures. These tables should last over 20 years.
  5. Both the Tiger and Kettler lines have permanent net sets. The nets are supported by center posts on either side, where the table tops slide into when folded.They have safety locks to prevent children from lowering the tops where they could get hurt. It also allows a person to fold one side and play alone, with the net still in place.
  6. Both the Tiger and Kettler lines are made in Germany with top technology and years of experience. This helps make the repair ratio very low. Both lines should last from 15 to 25 years. Cheaper tables purchased at a department, or hardware store are usually from overseas (Pacific) and at a lesser quality. They will probably warp a little over time and last from 3 to 5 years. The nets are not permanent and will need to be replaced after a couple of years.
  7. When you do order, make sure you also get some paddles  and extra balls as the table cannot be used without them!

Call us today at (877) 734-4567 for more help on buying the best home fitness equipment!

Big Bear Bench Product Review

The Big Bear Bench is a great seller.

This bench accommodates almost any angles when doing incline benches. It also does a decline bench. It can be slid up to do shoulder presses as well. It comes with a leg extension and leg press attachment. It can accommodate flat and Olympic plates. An adapter is needed for the Olypic plates. You’ll need a 7′ bar to work with this bench. It has a 600 lb weight capacity, including the user. It has a long back support for taller users. You can also add a preacher curl attachment, removing the leg attachment. The bar holders can be removed and put into 2 holders at the base to allow the user to do dips for tricep and lower peck exercises. They can also be lifter high to perform squats. For under $400.00, this is a great bench with lifetime warranties on all parts.

This bench is a great start for beginners trying to set up a gym at home. It works well in combination with the Economy Lat Machine.

Tips on Buying an Exercise Bike

How to Buy Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Buying Guide to Choosing an Upright Exercise Bike for Your Home Gym

When you decide to purchase an exercise bike, you should first find a place in your home where you can place it. Then, you’ll need to think about whether or not you want an upright exercise bike, a semi recumbent bike, or a recumbent exercise bike.

Once you have made the decision of which type of bike you want, check out the reviews that are available in bike magazines and also on the internet. You can also take the advice of family and friends who are currently using the same as  well as personal trainers who have experience. The reviews on exercise bikes are normally rates in accordance to their performance, functions that they have, as well as the type of material that is used for constructing the exercise bikes.

Best Exercise Bike for YOU

The exercise bike that you select should be very comfortable to sit on and the seat should be easy to adjust, as it otherwise it would be really hard to cycle on. If the height of the seat is wrong, it can put a lot of pressure in your lower area, specifically the groin. To find out more about these types of features, it is very important that you read a review as the reviews can give you valuable information about the features of exercise bikes.


Reviews have other advantages as well. A lot of times, websites on the internet will offer special discounts on the exercise bikes as well, which is just another benefit to reading the reviews. After you have read the reviews, you’ll be able to negotiate for a better price once you talk to the sales person.

No matter how you look at it, you really can’t go wrong with reading a review on exercise bikes. You can find out anything you want to know, as well as get opinions from those who already own the equipment. A majority of the time,  you can find out flaws as well, which can save you a lot of time and effort.

Try Before You Buy

Going to local gyms is also a great way to find out about exercise bikes. If you don’t want to buy one or if you don’t have the space to keep one at home, you can always join a local gym and use one there. There are several different types available at your local gym, with everything from standard exercise bikes to the newer electronic versions.

Whether you choose to buy on for home use or use one at the gym, an exercise bike can help you stay in shape. All you need to do is ride it a few minutes a day, and you’ll be amazed at just how much it helps you. Considered to be a part of cardio, an exercise bike can help you lose weight and tone your body down like never before.

Call us today at (877) 734-4567 for more help on buying the best home exercise equipment!

Tips for Buying Stationary Bikes

Get the best exercise bike for your home gym

Best Recumbent Bikes for Home GymsNo home gym is complete without a stationary bike that provides a great cardio workout.  If you’re in the market for an exercise bike that will be durable AND provide you with the features you need, it’s important to buy the best exercise cycle you can.

  1. Recumbent bike vs upright bike?
    An upright bike is more common than a recumbent bike. It takes less space and is geared more like a regular street bike. A recumbent bike has a backrest and the pedals are more in front than under the user. For someone older, bad back, pregnant, or not able to function on an upright bike,the recumbent bike will give the same benefits as the upright, but with more comfort. Get one that would have a lumbar support. This helps with keeping the back arched properly.

  2. Heavy flywheel
    A heavy flywheel like the Spirit XBR 95 Recumbent Bike has, at 30 lbs, makes the pedaling extremely smooth. It feels like and expensive machine. Light flywheels make the movement choppy at times and the pedaling can get rather uncomfortable after 15 to 20 minutes. Units that have heavy flywheels are also better built with stronger metal throughout, making them last for years without repairs.

  3. Seat adjustment
    Make sure, for those people who are short, under 5″ tall, and those who are very tall, over 6′ 5″ that either the recumbent or upright seat is adjustable for your height. If not, you may not reach the pedals, or your legs will be too long and your knees will hit the computer or handlebar. The Spirit XBR 95 seat adjusts for almost any height within normal.

  4. Weight capacity
    Always purchase a bike with a weight capacity of at least 285 lbs. When a heavy person gets on an upright bike and they pedal at a fast rate,The seat moves laterally quite a bit and this is hard on the metal parts holding the shaft of the bike. The Spirit CU 800 light commercial bike has a weight capacity of 450 lbs. This kind of capacity will keep the structural frame intact for years to come.

At Fitness Superstore, our commitment is to offer the highest quality fitness equipment AND to help you get the most out of your workouts.

Call us today at (877) 734-4567 for more help on buying the best home exercise equipment!

Tips for Buying Home Exercise Equipment

Best Home Gym Machines in CanadaThings to consider before buying home workout machines.

  1. Set up a budget. Know what you’re able to spend.
  2. Make sure you work within the square footage of the floor space you have. There should not be too much equipment as to not allow you to workout with adequate space.
  3. Cater to the your training goals. Depending on your personal fitness goals, you may need need separate benches, bars, plates, or machines may work better for you. If you’re training for sports, items like a Smith machine or power racks would be a necessity.
  4. Chose cardio equipment catering to the your needs. You’ll need full a commercial treadmill if you’re doing ahtletic training, as you’ll be harder on the equipment. They may cost more, but they will also last longer and not need repairs if any, as long as regular maintenance is done.
  5. Make sure you have a variety of cardio equipment. Treadmills and ellipticals are the most popular for home workouts. I  would also suggest a recumbent bike or an upright bike for variety. If you’re interested in interval training a spinner bike would be your best option. NOTE:  Making a comeback are rowers.
  6. Have faith in the salesperson that will help you chose the equipment for your home gym. With over 38 years in fitness, I prefer to chose the equipment for my customers. I’ll ask certain questions, and then decide what is best for the your gym, based on their fitness goals, space and budget.
  7. Make sure you get a proper assortment of accessories, like exercise malls, mats, handles, tricep ropes, etc. There is nothing worse than working out and not having the items you need to achieve your fitness goals.
  8. Stay away from brand names. They’re more expensive as you pay for the name. Many of the companies that make these brand names also make similar no name equipment for much less. They’re as good, but much lower in price.

At Fitness Superstore, our commitment is to offer the highest quality fitness equipment AND to help you get the most out of your workouts.

Call us at (877) 734-4567 and take advantage of our 38 years of fitness and health experience!

Top 10 Mistakes When Working Out

Quality Gym and Fitness Equipment is Essential for Successful WorkoutsWhether you’re working out to lose weight, build muscle or increase  endurance, it’s important to use the time and effort effectively.

Here are 10 of the biggest mistakes people encounter when working out with fitness equipment.

Not having a proper workout program

Do you want to lift heavy to gain mass, lift light to tone, do you need to lose body fat?
How many workouts per week should you work out? Without a proper plan, a house will not stand up - neither will your body.

Not using the right fitness equipment for your workout

For muscle contraction, free weights or a universal gym is needed. Some people think that because they go for a walk that their legs get proper exercise. Not true. You need muscle contraction to force the muscle fibers to damage where repair will be needed that will rebuild and strengthen the muscles.

Doing cardio before the weight workout

Doing cardio for 30 to 45 minutes before a weight workout is wrong. Cardio will use glucose and a little glycogen from the liver, but you will not get oxygen into the cells to metabolize energy.

The best warm up is to pump the muscles with light dumbbell work and stretching for about 5 minutes before the weight workout. Once you finish your workout, you will be low on blood sugar as well as glycogen in the liver.

Trying out varying programs from bodybuilders for fast results

bodybuilders have worked out for years and their workouts are probably too complicated for most beginners and intermediate trainers. You have to build a solid foundation which could take a year or two, depending on your dedication. Your workout will be different if you’re working out for a sport like hockey, football or tennis. Even those workouts will be different.

Eating the wrong food before your workout with weights

Use a malto dextrin drink consisting of milk (proper vitamins and minerals) about one hour prior to the workout. This will give you a trickle of glucose that will be converted to the cell energy glycogen for muscle contraction. Carbs like vegetables are too slow to release sugar, and carbs like white sugar, orange juice and honey are too fast. Starches like bread, potatoes, pasta and rice make great pre workout meals. As long as you work out with weights within an hour.

If all you want to do is do cardio to lose fat, first thing in the morning or 4 hours after your last meal is best. Never eat before doing cardio.

Eating the wrong foods after the workout

Most people that work out have read about the consumption of whey protein. It’s easy to mix and can be taken in about 5 minutes for a quick meal. Most people will try to avoid carbs in order to not store excess carbs as fat. This is a big mistake. Starchy carbs are needed big time after the workout to replenish glycogen in the liver, muscle cells and to replenish glucose in the blood. Without it, the body will get it from muscles and not fat.

Not getting a full contraction of the muscles during a workout

Most people are aware that contracting muscles are what help break them down. The biggest mistake is not using the proper amount of weight to work the muscle properly. Most people will increase the weight used, after a warm-up set, and thereafter. However, if too much is added, the movement loses its proper form, and the muscle doesn’t expand and contract along its proper plane. It’s like they do a half movement. The muscle still gets worked, but only part of it will be damaged, needing repair.

Not breathing right when working out

For a proper muscle contraction to happen, oxygen must be present in the cells to metabolize glycogen usage in the muscle cells. When there is little oxygen, lactic acid can build up and put a quick stop to the workout with soreness and cramping.

This is easy, but needs practice. Before the rep, take a deep breath and hold it as you lift the weight. When the muscle is fully contracted, blow it out fast. You’ll be expelling carbon dioxide, which is poison to the body.

As you lower the weight back to the starting point, inhale all the oxygen you can and hold it for a second rep. Holding your breath as you lift will not make your head explode, contrary to popular myths!!

Not understanding recovery

I’ve heard of many people working out 6 to 7 days a week, without any breaks. They feel like they have tons of energy and feel that the more they work out, the more they grow. It’s actually quite the opposite.

Years ago, I’d work out 5 days a week, with a lot of sets. I was always sore and was a hard gainer. I got stronger, but it took too much time. I got some advice from a woman that was Miss Canada in bodybuilding.  We talked about the amount I was doing.

I redid my workouts, from 5 to 4 days a week, less sets, more time between sets, and I started to grow like crazy. Best advice anybody ever gave me. Being curious, I studied why the body worked that way.

Conclusion: it takes time to rebuild. You have to allow recovery when damaging the fibers, like letting a cut heal. If you do arm curls all week, your biceps will never grow.

Not setting up proper times to work out

We are creatures of habit. The body performs best when we do things in a proper pattern. Example: Work out at the same time, if possible during the day. If your workout starts at 7 am, make sure you keep that timing all week.

You’ll feel the difference if you work out Monday at 7 am, then Tuesday at 6 at night. Our mineral base is different throughout the day. We’re usually low on sodium early in the morning. This will give an imbalance in minerals along with potassium.

At Fitness Superstore, our commitment is not only to offer the highest quality fitness equipment and to help you get the most out of your workouts.

Call us at (877) 734-4567 and take advantage of our 38 years of fitness and health experience!

Tips for Buying Treadmills

Reviews on Treadmills

Buying a treadmill is a significant investment that should last for years and provide smooth operation and an excellent workout.  I’ve put together a list of areas of a treadmill you should be aware of prior to purchasing a treadmill for your home gym!

Chose the Right Motor

The higher the horsepower, the more power it has to pull the belt with a heavy person walking or running.

Cheaper treadmills will sometimes have high horsepower, but it’s usually measured with the motor in high rpm mode, which means less torque.  Treadmills from companies like Spirit have higher quality motors with high torque and can last years without failing or overheating. You can save on not having to purchase lower control boards every few years because of burnout. Spirit models like the XT285 at 2.75 HP, Spirit XT 385 at 3 HP and the Spirit XT 685 at 3.5 HP will last many years without problems.

Chose the right belt length

The belt length will depend on the height of the user and if walking or running will be done. If a person has a long stride, I suggest a longer belt like the Spirit XT 685 at 60 inches. A tall person (6′ 2″) can run in total safety at speeds of over 8 mph on this treadmill.

If you’re a light person, under 200 lbs and only want to walk, and you’re under 6′ tall, the Spirit XT 285 (55″) or XT 385 (58″) will do.

Chose the right weight capacity

Most expensive treadmills have a 1″ deck, able to give a high weight capacity. Always go much higher than you weigh.

If you weigh 250 lbs and will run, I suggest a treadmill like the Spirit XT 685. The weight capacity is 425 lbs. Everything will be built solid and it won’t vibrate, causing the electronic boards to fail due to cold solder joints.

Chose the right price

Many stores and department stores will have sales that make it seem like it’s the sale of the century.

I’ve seen websites with a treadmill retailing for $1999.99 on sale for $799.99. They think that just because the store is huge, that they get much better prices. This is a big myth. They don’t. The $799.99 treadmill is worth no more than $799.99. You get what you pay for. As well, some of these companies have high repair ratios. The Spirit line I carry is manufactured by a great company with little or no repairs. You may think you’ve saved, but wait till the repairs start to add up.

Chose big rollers

The bigger the roller, the easier for the motor to pull the belt. As well, the belt doesn’t have to bend as much going around the rollers.  Also, the rollers don’t rotate as much, saving on wear and tear, and future repairs having to change them. The Spirit XT 685 has 3″ rollers.

Ask who repairs

Stores like department stores do not do any of their repairs. They farm it out and charge a lot for any repair. The brands they usually carry are higher repair ratio brands. In some instances, you have to find someone yourself to repair and install your own treadmill.

Check out line of Top Quality Spirit Treadmills - You’ll be sure to find a treadmill that meets your needs.

And don’t forget to call us at (877) 734-4567 for personal advice on your next treadmill purchase!

Kettler Ergorace Review

Kettler ErgoRacer Exercise BikeThe Kettler Ergoracer is probably the best indoor racing bike ever developed. Built well, strong, heavy and designed to accommodate any height of user.

Its specialty is that is uses a different kind of brake system compared to most other bikes. It has what’s called an electromagnetic brake system.

What is the definition of electromagnetic brake?

A non-contact brake design actuated when an electric current charges a coil that acts as an electromagnet. Meaning that an electrical current goes into a coiled block of metal and wire to create a magnet. The power of the magnet is dictated by the amount of current given to it. There are no moving parts, servo motor or anything else that could go wrong down the road with extensive use.

The performance of speed is measured in Watts from 25 to 600. This is certainly way more resistance than the normal bikes will offer, either with a moving magnet plate or a padded brake system. It is also noiseless. You can’t hear a thing. This system offers 115 levels of electromagnetic, frictionless Eddy Current brake resistance.

The saddle is geared to move up and down as well as front to back. Because of the v shape of the bike, the handlebars are also geared for the bigger and taller user as it will extend outwards and away from the cyclist who would have a long reach. The flywheel is a heavy 18 kg, or 40 lbs. The regular/kombi-click pedals are geared for both cyclists using regular sports footwear, or shoes with SPD click system. The frame is factory milled and robotically welded, using a design steel tubing for greater strength, corrosion proof, galvanized coating outside and in, finished with a high quality powder coat.

It comes with a Polar, wireless chest strap, giving you and accurate heart rate reading. There are elbow pads for the cyclist that likes to ride bent forward. It uses a poly v-ribbed belt that is much quieter than a regular chain

The Kettler Ergoracer’s computer provides 8 training programs including a heart rate control. You can enter your age, and either fat burning or fitness zone to determine your upper pulse limit. There is a recovery pulse feature that helps track improvements in cardiovascular conditioning with personal grades from 1, being the best, to 6. For the serious user, you can use the USB Interface for interactive software training and interchangeable pre-set programs with internet downloads from

Kettler Ergoracer weighs just under 175 lbs. This gives it great stability when the user is over 250 lbs. It’s capacity is 285 lbs. It comes with a lifetime warranty on frame, 3s electronics and parts, and 1 year labor. Most spinning bikes have what’s called a direct drive system that make the pedals move as long as the flywheel moves. The Ergoracer  has a coasting flywheel that lets the user free pedal if he wishes to take a break from pedaling. All he has to do is start pedaling again and he’ll
reach the motion of the flywheel.

If you’re Joe athlete, this is a bike you’ll appreciate. the Kettler Ergoracer will last an eternity, and is almost a toy for the hard core athlete as well as the beginner. I’ve sold many and have yet to have any problems, big or small. There are a lot of bikes on the market today, but few if any can compare with the Kettler Ergoracer.

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