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Yukon Wolverine Gym Review

Wolverine Multi Station GymThere are not many homes gyms out there with a 200 plus lb stack and the high number of exercises and attachments like the Yukon Wolverine gym priced at under $2000.00.

Most gyms require additional benches to accommodate extra exercises needed to fulfill a proper workout program.

The Yukon Wolverine Gym is not one of those. It also comes with a leg press that is different than most others. The seat moves back and forth as opposed to a metal pad that moves when the legs press the metal pad.

Lets start with chest. It comes with a chest press that has handles that accommodate a wide or narrow grip for outer pecs as well as lower pec muscles. It comes with an adjustable seat to accommodate a person tall or short. A knob atop the press tightens the press so that you can use the pec deck to work the inner pecs. With the handles wide, you can perform a wide grip flye that work both the outer and inner pecs. From a seated position, grab the above lat bar and with arms straight, and about 10″ apart, pull the bar down to the ab level to work the middle pecs that run vertically under the regular pec muscles. This will add thickness to your chest. Finish off with wide grip dips at the leg raise part of the gym. This will work the lower pecs and frame up the chest by making a line in the lower pec area. This helps to show separation between the chest and abs. Make sure you hunch over the chest and bend your head forward as this will isolate the lower pec muscles. Do not squeeze the handles.

For back, work with the lat bar. Lats pulldowns to the back of the neck for the lats, (don’t hit the neck) and lat pulldowns to the chest for lower lat and lower trap muscles. For regular rowing, go to the low pulley row and grab a triangle bar. I prefer it to a straight bar as the hands face each other in a normal position, not hard on the elbow joint. Use a thumbless grip, thumbs on the same side with the other
fingers, letting your elbows lead the movement. For shoulders, there is a shoulder press with back support and 2 sets of handles. One set works the middle and front delts. The other helps to concentrate on the two, but with the help of the upper trap muscles.

To work the three heads of the shoulder girth, use the low pulley. Working with this pulley will help to isolate the muscles better that working with dumbbells. You can to side laterals for the middle head, bent over laterals for the rear delt, and front raises for the front delts as well as the upper traps, using a single handle. Finish off with low pulley upright rows with a straight bar. This helps to work
thickness to the shoulder area, combining front delt, upper trap and middle head muscles.

For legs, the first exercise I recommend is the leg curl. This will work the hamstrings and warm them up so they perform without injury when doing leg presses afterwards. In the leg press, keep the knees and toes pointed in the same direction, about 10 to 12 inches apart. To work the hamstrings again, put the heels of your feet on the upper edge of the metal plate and push hard, contracting the hamstrings, You’ll
feel them working. They seem to get injured a lot in many sports, so I would work them out every leg workout. Next, go to the legs extension.

This is a move that should be deliberate and slow. Contract at the top and lower slowly. It’s very easy to get injured if done too fast. This help produce separation in the quad muscles. Next, go to the Shoulder press, adjust the bar to perform hack squats. Finally, on the same shoulder bar, do some standing calf raises to work your calves.

Before I work out, I like to warm up my core muscles, which include the lower and upper abs. Go to the seated press, grab the handles that come with the gym, attach it to the middle pulley behind your head and do your crunches, tightening the upper abs, the so called 6 pack. Do as many reps as you can with just a little resistance. Next, go to the leg raise part of the gym and and do leg raises with your back against the
pad and make sure to bend the knees to take the stress off the lower back. Again go to failure, one set.

To work biceps, use the low pulley, Attach the straight bar and do curls, making sure you keep your elbows to your side and slightly in front of your waist. Do not squeeze the bar. Feel the biceps working. Dumbbells can help add different movements to your biceps by adding a variety of curls.

For triceps, you can use dumbbells for extensions behind the head. Also, use the lat bar to perform a tricep pressdown. This is one of my favorites. I’d do as many as I could, then lower the weight by one plate and continue doing as many as I could again, and continue lowering the plates till I could not do any more, even with one plate
remaining. My triceps grew very well. You can also do narrow grip dips on the leg raise machine, making sure your torso is vertical. There are still a variety of exercises you can do with the addition of dumbbells, but this gym certainly handles most exercises, like inner and outer thigh kicks with the ankle strap.

You can purchase the Yukon Wolverine Gym in our store.

For the more serious body builder, I recommend the Yukon Caribou III Gym. But as a gym that can work all body parts and accommodate any person willing to put in a serious workout to stay in shape and put a few lbs of muscle on, this gym will do the job very well. I recommend a space of about 12 x 13 feet. Total weight is over 600 lbs. Strong and durable with life warranties on all parts. This gym will last a lifetime.

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