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Tips for Buying Treadmills

Reviews on Treadmills

Buying a treadmill is a significant investment that should last for years and provide smooth operation and an excellent workout.  I’ve put together a list of areas of a treadmill you should be aware of prior to purchasing a treadmill for your home gym!

Chose the Right Motor

The higher the horsepower, the more power it has to pull the belt with a heavy person walking or running.

Cheaper treadmills will sometimes have high horsepower, but it’s usually measured with the motor in high rpm mode, which means less torque.  Treadmills from companies like Spirit have higher quality motors with high torque and can last years without failing or overheating. You can save on not having to purchase lower control boards every few years because of burnout. Spirit models like the XT285 at 2.75 HP, Spirit XT 385 at 3 HP and the Spirit XT 685 at 3.5 HP will last many years without problems.

Chose the right belt length

The belt length will depend on the height of the user and if walking or running will be done. If a person has a long stride, I suggest a longer belt like the Spirit XT 685 at 60 inches. A tall person (6′ 2″) can run in total safety at speeds of over 8 mph on this treadmill.

If you’re a light person, under 200 lbs and only want to walk, and you’re under 6′ tall, the Spirit XT 285 (55″) or XT 385 (58″) will do.

Chose the right weight capacity

Most expensive treadmills have a 1″ deck, able to give a high weight capacity. Always go much higher than you weigh.

If you weigh 250 lbs and will run, I suggest a treadmill like the Spirit XT 685. The weight capacity is 425 lbs. Everything will be built solid and it won’t vibrate, causing the electronic boards to fail due to cold solder joints.

Chose the right price

Many stores and department stores will have sales that make it seem like it’s the sale of the century.

I’ve seen websites with a treadmill retailing for $1999.99 on sale for $799.99. They think that just because the store is huge, that they get much better prices. This is a big myth. They don’t. The $799.99 treadmill is worth no more than $799.99. You get what you pay for. As well, some of these companies have high repair ratios. The Spirit line I carry is manufactured by a great company with little or no repairs. You may think you’ve saved, but wait till the repairs start to add up.

Chose big rollers

The bigger the roller, the easier for the motor to pull the belt. As well, the belt doesn’t have to bend as much going around the rollers.  Also, the rollers don’t rotate as much, saving on wear and tear, and future repairs having to change them. The Spirit XT 685 has 3″ rollers.

Ask who repairs

Stores like department stores do not do any of their repairs. They farm it out and charge a lot for any repair. The brands they usually carry are higher repair ratio brands. In some instances, you have to find someone yourself to repair and install your own treadmill.

Check out line of Top Quality Spirit Treadmills - You’ll be sure to find a treadmill that meets your needs.

And don’t forget to call us at (877) 734-4567 for personal advice on your next treadmill purchase!

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