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Top 10 Mistakes When Working Out

Quality Gym and Fitness Equipment is Essential for Successful WorkoutsWhether you’re working out to lose weight, build muscle or increase¬† endurance, it’s important to use the time and effort effectively.

Here are 10 of the biggest mistakes people encounter when working out with fitness equipment.

Not having a proper workout program

Do you want to lift heavy to gain mass, lift light to tone, do you need to lose body fat?
How many workouts per week should you work out? Without a proper plan, a house will not stand up - neither will your body.

Not using the right fitness equipment for your workout

For muscle contraction, free weights or a universal gym is needed. Some people think that because they go for a walk that their legs get proper exercise. Not true. You need muscle contraction to force the muscle fibers to damage where repair will be needed that will rebuild and strengthen the muscles.

Doing cardio before the weight workout

Doing cardio for 30 to 45 minutes before a weight workout is wrong. Cardio will use glucose and a little glycogen from the liver, but you will not get oxygen into the cells to metabolize energy.

The best warm up is to pump the muscles with light dumbbell work and stretching for about 5 minutes before the weight workout. Once you finish your workout, you will be low on blood sugar as well as glycogen in the liver.

Trying out varying programs from bodybuilders for fast results

bodybuilders have worked out for years and their workouts are probably too complicated for most beginners and intermediate trainers. You have to build a solid foundation which could take a year or two, depending on your dedication. Your workout will be different if you’re working out for a sport like hockey, football or tennis. Even those workouts will be different.

Eating the wrong food before your workout with weights

Use a malto dextrin drink consisting of milk (proper vitamins and minerals) about one hour prior to the workout. This will give you a trickle of glucose that will be converted to the cell energy glycogen for muscle contraction. Carbs like vegetables are too slow to release sugar, and carbs like white sugar, orange juice and honey are too fast. Starches like bread, potatoes, pasta and rice make great pre workout meals. As long as you work out with weights within an hour.

If all you want to do is do cardio to lose fat, first thing in the morning or 4 hours after your last meal is best. Never eat before doing cardio.

Eating the wrong foods after the workout

Most people that work out have read about the consumption of whey protein. It’s easy to mix and can be taken in about 5 minutes for a quick meal. Most people will try to avoid carbs in order to not store excess carbs as fat. This is a big mistake. Starchy carbs are needed big time after the workout to replenish glycogen in the liver, muscle cells and to replenish glucose in the blood. Without it, the body will get it from muscles and not fat.

Not getting a full contraction of the muscles during a workout

Most people are aware that contracting muscles are what help break them down. The biggest mistake is not using the proper amount of weight to work the muscle properly. Most people will increase the weight used, after a warm-up set, and thereafter. However, if too much is added, the movement loses its proper form, and the muscle doesn’t expand and contract along its proper plane. It’s like they do a half movement. The muscle still gets worked, but only part of it will be damaged, needing repair.

Not breathing right when working out

For a proper muscle contraction to happen, oxygen must be present in the cells to metabolize glycogen usage in the muscle cells. When there is little oxygen, lactic acid can build up and put a quick stop to the workout with soreness and cramping.

This is easy, but needs practice. Before the rep, take a deep breath and hold it as you lift the weight. When the muscle is fully contracted, blow it out fast. You’ll be expelling carbon dioxide, which is poison to the body.

As you lower the weight back to the starting point, inhale all the oxygen you can and hold it for a second rep. Holding your breath as you lift will not make your head explode, contrary to popular myths!!

Not understanding recovery

I’ve heard of many people working out 6 to 7 days a week, without any breaks. They feel like they have tons of energy and feel that the more they work out, the more they grow. It’s actually quite the opposite.

Years ago, I’d work out 5 days a week, with a lot of sets. I was always sore and was a hard gainer. I got stronger, but it took too much time. I got some advice from a woman that was Miss Canada in bodybuilding. ¬†We talked about the amount I was doing.

I redid my workouts, from 5 to 4 days a week, less sets, more time between sets, and I started to grow like crazy. Best advice anybody ever gave me. Being curious, I studied why the body worked that way.

Conclusion: it takes time to rebuild. You have to allow recovery when damaging the fibers, like letting a cut heal. If you do arm curls all week, your biceps will never grow.

Not setting up proper times to work out

We are creatures of habit. The body performs best when we do things in a proper pattern. Example: Work out at the same time, if possible during the day. If your workout starts at 7 am, make sure you keep that timing all week.

You’ll feel the difference if you work out Monday at 7 am, then Tuesday at 6 at night. Our mineral base is different throughout the day. We’re usually low on sodium early in the morning. This will give an imbalance in minerals along with potassium.

At Fitness Superstore, our commitment is not only to offer the highest quality fitness equipment and to help you get the most out of your workouts.

Call us at (877) 734-4567 and take advantage of our 38 years of fitness and health experience!

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