Cornillilleau Sport500 Indoor


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The Cornilleau 500 is the perfect table for all ping pong lovers who are looking for a high quality and easy to store table. Designed for intensive use, it’s the best ping pong table for all your family’s indoor competitions. With its retractable net, simply open the table and you are ready to play.

  • Solid construction and attractive design will look great in your rec room
  • Perfect for recreational play or training
  • Compact technology allows table to take up less space when folded
  • Wheels with brakes keep the table from moving around
  • Adjustable and solid feet maintains a level and stable playing surface
  • Adjustable net ensures the net’s tension and height to be adjusted
  • Retractable net folds out of the way for more compact storage
  • Storage for rackets and balls so you’re always ready to begin play
  • Ball dispensers keep a ball within easy reach
  • Corner protection pads for safety
  • Made in France