Lifespan C5i


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Power your fitness with the C5i Upright Bike and feel accomplished. This upright bike is the most affordable we offer. It gives you the satisfaction of working for your fitness because you have to pedal to keep the display working. This is an excellent motivation technique for anyone who enjoys fun challenges. The self-powered aspect of the C5i also means you can easily transport it without having to worry about cords. This benefits both you and the environment.

The C5i upright bike features 16 resistance levels with 34 training programs so you can train on your terms. Whether you’re looking for strenuous activity that pushes you to the brink or something a little less intense, the C5i delivers. The option of 34 training programs also adds to the variety.

Research has shown that mixing up your workout routine can lead to the following benefits:

  • Increased aerobic capacity
  • Increased cognitive condition
  • Decreased risk of depression

The C5i gives you the variety of workouts you need to keep your fitness levels improving. Nobody wants to do the same thing every day and the C5i keeps things interesting so you stay invested in your health and wellness.