York 54015 Triple Combo Rack


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The Triple Combo Rack is our most highly functional modular training workstation. The rack allows three groups to train simultaneously. The rack features two Half Racks joined together by a centrally located, 42″ x 40″ x 96″ Power Rack. Each station accommodates for core, free weight leg, chest, shoulder, and back workouts. The Triple Combo Rack provides a coachable environment with a 28″ walk through / spotting area located in between the Power Rack one of the Half Racks.


2 x Combo Grip Pull-up Bar – 8′ high, 28MM knurled, solid cold rolled steel bars with 135 degree v-shape in the center for additional grip options.

Single Bar Holders (3 sets)

2 x Bench Stringers – Steel crossmember into which Multi-function Bench locks.

Weight Storage (2 sets) – Scuff resistant weight storage pegs for 45, 35, 25, 10, 5 and 2.5LB plates.

Stainless Steel Hook-plates – Adjustable to 19 positions on 3″ center increments accommodating a wide range of heights.

Interior Safety Spot Arms in the Power rack (1 pair)


Length: 128 3/4″ Width: 67 1/2″ Height: 96″ (Including Combo Grip Pull-up Bar and weight storage pegs)

Inside dimensions: Power Rack 40″ between front and rear uprights, 28″ diamond plate walk, through / spotting area between Power Rack and Half Rack uprights.

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Platform, weights and bars sold separately