Aztron Lunar



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Adventurous. Attractive. Affordable. The Aztron LUNAR All Around 9.9 iSUP doesn’t just define these words. It redefines them with an eye-catching design and a safety, stability and an outstanding performance feature that previously came only with expensive high-end boards.

New company Aztron announces its arrival in the paddleboard market loudly and proudly, incorporating next-level dual chamber technology into all of its new inflatable stand-up paddleboards.  Two mid-board inflator valves fill two equally-sized separate chambers – one inner and one outer – for two irresistible benefits. The first is safety. With two chambers inflated independently, you won’t have to worry about single leak sinking your whole craft. Your second chamber will still have at least 100 pounds of safety buoyancy, allowing you to row to shore for repairs. The second benefit is rigidity. Pumped to their full pressure of 15 PSI, the two chambers provide a hard board feel. The inner chamber features extra air pillars and sidewalls, putting 30% more stiffness under your feet. It’s made extra rigid with durable premium drop stitch core material pulling it all tightly together.

It doesn’t just feel like a hard board, it performs like one, as well. Its smoothed-out, progressive rocker provides remarkable maneuverability and responsiveness in any flat water – but it’s anything but an “experts only” board. With a classic all-around SUP shape and at 32″ in width, it supplies superior stability, great tracking and an easy paddling experience that translates to fun on the water for users of any skill level.

All Aztron boards come with a STYLE adjustable aluminum paddle that assembles and disassembles with ease but is solid and reliable out on the water. It fits into a quality gear bag that comes free with your board and holds everything you’ll need for a safe, enjoyable adventure – including your deflated board, centre fin and a surf leash that features dual swivels to prevent your line from tangling and a wide, Velcro-sealed cuff that leaves room for a wetsuit on cold water. You’ll also get a dual action pump that inflates on the upstroke and the downstroke. When you hit 13 psi, you can instantly switch to single chamber pumping to easily finish your inflating.


  • Signature Double Chamber construction for safety and extra stiffness
  • Durable drop-stitch core material
  • Full deck printing with “cube pattern” graphic and rail graphic for optimum visual impact
  • 4mm thick diamond grooved EVA footpad for ultimate grip and comfort
  • Premium quality towing D-rings and safety leash ring
  • Integrated front bungee system for easy gear access
  • Center grab handle in nylon with rubber pad provides comfort and easy transport
  • 9-inch US center fin
  • Inflated board is rigid with a hard board feel yet remains lightweight and easily portable.
  • Rail saver at back to prevent damage to your board
  • Ready-to-Go Accessory Pack: including 10′ coil leash, double action pump, STYLE aluminum adjustable paddle and 105L SUP backpack


LENGTH: 9’9″ / 297CM

WIDTH: 32″ / 81CM